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Alberta's Choice for Electricity and Natural Gas

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Alberta's Choice for Electricity and Natural Gas

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With Burst Energy, you get exceptional customer service and no hidden fees. If you aren’t happy just let us know!

  • No sign up fees
  • Local business
  • Lowest rates

    Are you changing your energy provider because…

    • have to jump through hoops to get a hold of them if you have questions/concerns?

    •’ve recently moved and are looking for a better provider in your area?

    • …you are interested in understanding your bill and how your energy consumption works?

    • are looking to save money in the long term?

    • …you want an energy provider that cares about its clients?

    If any of the above statements resonate with you, then you’ve come to the right place!


    Who is Burst Energy?

    Burst Energy is an Alberta-based private seller of electricity and natural gas. We see a bit of ourselves in each of our customers, which is why we are committed to ensuring:

    We strive to ensure that our offerings reflect options that are relevant to the needs of Albertans. You can find rigid utility plans anywhere. We want to offer you choices that fit the needs of your family, business, and lifestyle.


    Who are our clients?



    Alberta is home to more than 43,000 farms which require large amounts of electricity and natural gas. As Albertans, we understand the high demands of our clients and strive to provide a reliable, honest and accessible energy service to farmers across the province.



    We serve residential clients in Alberta with regulated energy services. We provide electricity and natural gas you can rely on, at wholesale prices. And, because we are not one of the BIG 5 energy suppliers, we can provide accessible, affordable and individualized utility services that meet your needs.



    We have a wide variety of commercial clients. From managed condominium complexes, duplexes/fourplexes and townhomes, to commercial office buildings, small-to-medium-businesses (SMB) and large corporations.


    What are our services?


    Alberta’s robust power generation and distribution system is always ready when you need it. Whether you’re fixing equipment or fixing breakfast, reliable electricity runs life in Alberta. Choose from fixed or variable rates and let us do the rest.

    Natural Gas

    Ready to simplify your natural gas costs? Fixed administrative fees are one more way Burst is helping Albertans save on their monthly utility costs while supporting local businesses. Choose fixed or variable rates to meet your comfort level and get started today – it’s simple.


    Fixed Rates vs. Variable Rates

    Fixed Rates

    Fixed Rates

    A set price that remains the same throughout your contract.

    • Ability to lock in rates for long periods. 

    • Easier to budget.

    • Less risk.

    • Your rate won’t go up if market rates increase. 

    • No surprises on your monthly bill. 

    Variable Rates

    Variable Rates

    Price is influenced by the market and/or other factors.

    • Increased savings when the market rates drop.

    • Could provide more savings over time.

    • More flexibility to choose service providers.

    • Your monthly bill total will vary.

    Servicing Alberta's largest cities and smallest towns.

    From Warner to Fort McMurray and everywhere in between!

    Competitive Advantage


    Customer Service

    At Burst Energy, the owners and employees are actively involved in our daily business. We strive to be accessible to our customers promptly, without the excessive hold times often associated with big retailers.

    customer service

    Locally owned and operated

    Burst Energy remains an Alberta-focused energy provider with the goal of providing all communities across our province with reliable electricity and natural gas.

    locally owned

    Competitive pricing

    Even though we are not one of the big companies, we’ve worked hard to price our services competitively so that Albertans don’t need to sacrifice customer service to avoid higher costs.


    Why should you change
    your energy provider

    Burst Energy is an Alberta-owned and operated energy company. As Albertans, we saw the need for not only more reliable energy providers, but also for more open communication and education about energy consumption.

    We strive to not only be accessible to our clients but also to actively answer any of their questions regarding energy, such as: “How does it work?,” “What am I getting charged for?,” and most importantly, “How can I effectively reduce my energy costs?.”

    Features & Benefits

    The Features

    • By Albertans, For Albertans

    • Competitive Wholesale Pricing

    • Outstanding Customer Service

    • Accessible to Our Customers

    The Benefits

    • Honesty and Integrity

    • Transparency

    • Open & Honest Communication

    • Alberta-based Customer Support


    Start saving today!

    To find out how Burst Energy can improve your current electricity and natural gas services, give us a call today.