Frequently Asked Questions

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We provide electricity and natural gas to all areas of Alberta that are NOT part of a Rural Electrification Association or Gas Coop. If you aren’t sure if you are covered by an REA, you can check at the following website: . Scroll down to the Member Rural Electrification Associations section and see if your area is listed. Still not sure? Check out the Map of Services link here: If your service address/site is in any of the yellow areas, it is serviced by an REA. If not, you can sign up and get your electricity and natural gas through Burst Energy!

Billing Q&A

When you sign up with Burst Energy, you will be asked to upload your banking information to a secure site either by scanning or emailing a void cheque or withdrawal form from your bank. This allows us to formalize your application and initiate service. Please note that payments are made exclusively by automatic withdrawal and payments made by cheque cannot be processed.

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