Floating Natural Gas Rate

Floating rates let the market determine what you pay for your natural gas. As rates decrease, you pay a correspondingly lower amount per kWh of use. Similarly, as rates increase, the increased charges will show on your bill. Your total bill is a combination of the price of the electricity at the time of use and the total amount used, plus administrative and distribution fees. With a floating natural gas rate, monthly administration fees are fixed. Floating rates are best suited to those who are comfortable with some degree of risk for potential savings. For consumers with low-risk tolerance, a fixed natural gas plan may offer more confidence.

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Simple Natural gas

Floating Natural Gas Rate

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Floating Natural Gas Rate

Market Cost + $0.40 / kWh

  • Available For: Residential, Commercial, and Agricultural Establishments
  • Cancellation: 10 days notice with no penalty
  • Billing Method: Pre-Authorized payment and Credit Card
  • Transmission and Delivery Charges: Pass Through

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