About Us

About Us

In 2013, three like-minded family men came together to find a way to help Albertans get more value from their utility providers. We knew that traditional utility providers were not offering the transparency that Albertans needed to make the right choice about their energy services.

Utilities shouldn’t be so complicated for the average consumer. But, big retailers often lack the incentive to provide quality service to their customers. With erratic fee structures and poor customer service, few Albertans had a true understanding of their complex monthly bills.

Burst’s first challenge was to do utilities differently.


Helping Albertans Take the Power Back


We began Burst Energy to offer Albertans an alternative to the traditional utility structure. Ours would place importance on transparency and honest dealings with our customers. We were surprised to find that the more we talked to homeowners and business owners, the more we saw Albertans paying unnecessarily high fees. Still, consumers often didn’t switch because they didn’t understand their bills.


With Alberta’s heart and soul in our resource sectors, we saw the need to educate consumers about the whys and the hows behind energy distribution and pricing. We believed that more educated voices would mean more educated voters where natural resources and utility issues were concerned. In turn, this would allow consumers to regain the confidence to make informed choices about who they give their dollars to.


Traditional energy retailers often gained customers by default. In contrast, smaller independent retailers had to work to find and retain their customers. We took the challenge, and the result has been the satisfaction of helping Albertans like you gain control over your energy services. We have helped over 3,000 homes and businesses understand their bills and maximize their savings. 

Our Commitment to You

We believe in Albertans serving Albertans. And we believe in keeping our economy vital by maintaining all of our operations within our home province. Our customer service center, where our agents answer questions, address concerns and facilitate your signups, is located in Calgary.


You’ll never be placed on a long-term hold by our agents – simply leave us a message and your representative will reach out to you as soon as possible.


Burst Energy began as a business run on good old-fashioned family values. Today, we maintain this commitment to ethical and transparent business practices as we see our Burst Energy family grow to include more homes, businesses and farms than ever. We thank you for your continued support and for believing that energy really can be done differently.


Start saving today!

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