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    When you select a fixed natural gas rate, you are locking into a contract to pay a fixed amount per kWh of natural gas that you use to heat your home, your water or any other of its many uses. These rates are offered with a 1-year term guarantee on pricing, based on a three-month rolling average (seen below).

    Fixed-rate charges are determined based on the amount of usage combined with your fixed rate per kWh, plus administration and distribution fees. Fixed rates are designed to decrease risk and give you a reasonably predictable monthly bill. If you are currently on a floating rate and want to make the switch to fixed, you can do so at any time by contacting our customer care team.

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    Fixed Natural Gas Rate

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    Fixed Natural Gas Rate

    $3.98 / GJ 1 year term

    • No Sign-Up Fees
    • Early Exit Fee: $250
    • Rate Fixed for 1 year
    • Billing Method: Pre-Authorized payment and Credit Card
    • Transmission and Delivery Charges: Pass Through
    • Available For: Residential, Commercial, and Agricultural Establishments

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