Solar Program

solar panel

Our Solar Program has a summer rate and a winter rate. With a customer's approval we can switch their location(s) between the two rates on May 1 (summer-season start) and Sept 30 (winter-season start). The dates can be changed upon request.

solar house

The winter rate for each kWh produced or consumed reverts back to the original contracted fixed rate with us as customers typically consume more power than they are producing during this period. The summer rate for each kWh produced or consumed has been up to 30¢/kWh.

For questions on our solar program or to join the Solar Program please email:

Micro-generation credits are only awarded based on exported kWh as recorded by the customer's bi-directional meter (owned and installed by the distributor) and consequently will not be paid out using data from the customer's solar system app or any sub meter readings.

Burst Energy follows the Alberta Micro-generation Regulation 27/2008 (with amendments up to and including Alberta Regulation 40/2024 Current as of March 6, 2024 which can be found here.